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     "Not the way of the Dodo -
Endangered species of Mauritius"


In 2009 Ria was granted a fellowship by the Artists for Conservation Foundation (AFC) for a field study to Mauritius and the Mascarene Islands. The overall goal of this expedition was to create a portrait of Mauritius and it's wildlife, focusing on the geography of the island and the endemic species, with a primary focus on the Echo Parakeet but also highlighting the other endangered species.
The result was a body of work of more than thirty paintings, hundreds of photographs and a handwritten journal.
Two and a half years later the Blue Penny Museum of Mauritius organised an exhibition with the theme "the last gong for the Dugong". The Dugong is one of the species that disappeared from the Mascarene islands just like the Dodo, the Broad-billed Parrot and the Mauritius Blue Pigeon. Together with the exhibition the book "A Treasury of endemic wildlife of Mauritius and Rodrigues" was launched. It is Ria's first book, edited and published by Christian le Comte publisher in november of 2011 with the sponsorship of the Blue Penny Museum and the Mauritius Commercial Bank.

Below are some photographs of the expedition in 2009.

The artist with the AFC flag, in Port Louis 

View over the forests of the South west

Echo parakeet

Echo parakeets in Black river gorges NP 

Pink pigeon in Black river gorges NP

Pink pigeon

The welcome sign of Ile aux Aigrettes, one of the main sanctuaries of Mauritius 

Ile aux Aigrettes

Lowland ebony forest

In 2011 the Blue Penny Museum of Mauritius organised an exhibition around the theme of endemic Mascarene fauna. One of the goals of the exhibition and the book were to raise awareness of the endangered habitat of Mauritius and Rodrigues.
Below are some photographs of the show in the museum, held from november 2011 until February 2012.



The book - A Treasury of endemic fauna of Mauritius and Rodrigues

Pictures of Mauritius and its wildlife are on her other website:, on the photographs section.

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