"A Treasury of Endemic Fauna of Mauritius and Rodrigues"



      12   The Mauritius blue pigeon
      16   The Dodo
      24   The extinct parrots
      26   Thirioux's grey parrot
      28   Broad-billed parrot
      30   Rodrigues parakeet
      34   Rodrigues parrot
      36   The Solitaire
      38   Red rail
      40   Rodrigues rail
      42   Commerson's lizard-owl
      44   Saddle-backed giant turtle
      46   Rodrigues giant gecko
      48   Newton's day gecko
      52   Grey white-eye
      54   Echo parakeet
      56   Mauritius bulbul
      58   Mauritius cuckoo-shrike
      60   Mauritius kestrel
      62   Mascarene swiftlet
      64   Mascarene swallow
      66   Mauritius fody
      68   Pink pigeon
      72   Olive white-eye
      76   The coloured day-geckos
      78   Telfair's skink
      80   The snakes
      86   The Flying foxes
      88   The Dugong
      91   About the project and the artist
      93   Bibliography

In 2009 Ria Winters visited Mauritius on behalf of the Artists for Conservation Foundation (AFC) with the goal to render and portray the endemic wildlife. The journey resulted in a body of work of more than thirty paintings and hundreds of photographs. Two and a half years later the Blue Penny Museum in Port Louis organised an exhibition with the theme "The last gong for the Dugong" showing paintings, sculptures and antique books of extinct and endangered species of the Mascarene islands. Together with the exhibition the book "A Treasury of Endemic Fauna of Mauritius and Rodrigues" was launched. The book is both a catalogue of the paintings shown in the exhibition as well as a personal view of the artist on the local wildlife.

A Treasury of Endemic Fauna of Mauritius and Rodrigues
ISBN 978-99949-30-11-1
Author and illustrator: Ria Winters
Published by: Christian le Comte Publisher, 2011
Sponsored by: Mauritius Commercial Bank - MCB
Size: 22 x 28 cm / 8.5 x 11 inches
Pages: 95, full colour
Price: 740 Mauritian Rupees (MUR)

How to order the book:

The book is available through:
- the Blue Penny Museum in Mauritius (price 740 MUR).
  Please contact mrs. Davina Rousselin at
  bpm.marketing@mcb.co.mu - phone: (230)210-9204


- the museum shop of the University of Amsterdam,
  Oude Turfmarkt 129 in Amsterdam.
  Price 24.95 Euros
  also online at https://bijzonderecollecties.hexspoorwms.nl/NL/webshop/museumwinkel

- the bookstore of Naturalis Natural History Museum,
  Darwinweg 2, Leiden. Price 24.95 Euros


      Christian le Comte publisher / Blue Penny Museum / Ria Winters 2011


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